Residential Rehab

5-Day intensive. Treatments include remedial massage, acupuncture, therapeutic yoga nutritional counselling, mindfulness, martial arts, cognitive embodiment, and motivational counselling. A catered recovery menu of delicious organic, nutritious blood-building food. The entire program targets and accelerates organ repair and boosts health. Get more information on residential rehab. Or email us

Online rehab

Our online rehab foundation is eHAB, 23 videos that guide you through the process of quitting and creating an addiction-free healthy and happy life after you quit. You can add on a suite of support services, from meditation to motivational coaching, delivered via skype. Or just purchase eHAB on its own. Find out more.

Recovery Coaching

Stay on track to an addiction-free empowered, health and happy life. Fast and effective methods to eliminate symptoms. Techniques to prevent cravings and avoid relapse. Motivation to stay on path. Trigger-handling strategies. Programs to rebuild physical and emotional health. Energy-building, performance-enhancing and stress-management techniques. Assistance in identifying and achieving purposeful goals. Guidance to repair relationshipsFind out more about recovery coaching.

Orthomolecular Recovery

Recreational drugs deliver instant results and we match that functionality and power in our Orthomolecular Recovery program. This is a key part of our 5-day residential rehab program but we also offer it as an individual service. The results are mind-blowing.