Jost is currently not taking on new Consulting Clients

Health and Happiness Consultations

Get on track to your destiny now with Jost’s life-changing home-visit consultations. Find out who you are and what you are here for and how to achieve your purpose. Jost’s passion is to see people reach their potential. Book in now, discover the physical, emotional and spiritual changes you need to fulfil your dreams.

Available for residents of Southeast Queensland area. Monday to Friday business hours.

Health and Happiness Phone Consultations

If you want an uplifting and energising experience, and to have all your questions about your life, health and purpose answered, call Jost! Drawing upon his extensive experiences in the health industry he will provide the inspiration, insight and solutions that mainstream health professionals cannot. All aspects of your life are addressed including health, purpose and life direction and how to live in accord with the 24 hour chi cycle.


Stay on track to an addiction-free empowered, health and happy life. This service is ideal for high-functioning clients who needed alcohol or drugs either to maintain or drive intense professional goals, or to be able to unwind and sleep. Consultations with Jost are by phone or in-person. Program can include nutritional therapy, orthomolecular therapy, personal training, yoga therapy, mindfulness and meditation.

Parents of Addicts Counselling Service

Are you struggling with how to cope with an addicted child or family member? Are you suffering from anxiety, stress and depression related to an addicted family member? Jost specialises in counselling parents in how to handle the stress, how to speak to and interact with addicted children, how to avoid creating emotional minefields and reactivity and how to prioritise and maintain their own physical and mental health.