I’ve just started reading your book! 10 pages in, and FINALLY, someone who’s actually understanding of the many, many people who have fallen into the drug scene in some way or another. Wow, finally someone who knows how it really is for a recovering addict. Sam

If you are wanting to let go of the crutch of drugs or would like to understand more about what is in the mind of someone taking drugs then read this book. Jost is a funny guy too and his truth and honesty come unashamedly out from the pages. Steve

I am a former binge drinker and ‘drug user’, when I read Jost’s book all the ideas clicked and I felt inspired to make a change and shift my preconceived ideas about drug use. I have not read any other author who comes close to understanding ‘drug addiction’. I could not believe the huge amount of insights I gained and ‘ah ha’ moments I had when reading it. Michael

If you are between 15-80 and you take drugs, read this book. If you are thinking of taking drugs, read this book. If you know someone you care for, or are concerned about, who takes drugs, read this book. If you have given drugs and alcohol away, read this book. I have seen this model work, successfully, first hand. On me. Anthony

Rebel’s Guide is quite clearly written for people with the attention span of a 2 year old kid, much like myself. If you have no idea about Chinese medicine it doesn’t matter. Jost’s explanations are nothing short of superb. It is witty, honest and quite simply genius! Shane

I would recommend this book to anyone who has taken drugs and to anyone who hasn’t, and particularly to those who need to find a new way to approach addiction – either their own or that of someone close. Jost Sauer shares his knowledge and experience generously. Aelf.

Rebel’s Guide delivers the insights and conceptual shifts necessary for someone to move beyond the negative emotional states that comes with long term drug/alcohol use and into a life that is more addictive and fulfilling than the drug states themselves. Michael

If you’re struggling to make sense of things after drug use or if you are somebody that partied hard and feel a bit lost, or just a person that is disenchanted about the ‘jail’ we call society today….?? Well this book will bail you out! Nick

This book explains very complex physical, mental & spiritual health (chi) building techniques, in a language that anyone could understand and relate to…even if you are totally off your face. Rick