Holistic addiction recovery training for rehabs

Do you have a drug and alcohol rehab and want to increase your competitive edge by including holistic elements such as yoga, organic food or vitamins? Jost has the training package for you. Learn the unique Jost Sauer Recovery System and improve results for your clients.

The training covers five holistic strategies which, in combination, heal addiction and create the basis for clients to access enhanced performance or altered states again. It includes orthomolecular psychiatry (vitamin therapy), a medicinal recovery diet, cognitive embodiment (therapeutic exercise), TCM treatments, the Chi Cycle therapeutic lifestyle, and strategies to keep clients moving purposefully forwards after quitting.

Jost developed this by using Chinese medicine to reverse-engineer drug highs, and by analyzing the beneficial effects of nutrition, therapeutic exercise, weight-lifting, martial arts, meditation, tai-chi, yoga, and nutritional supplements. He then combined the most effective aspect of each to create an accelerated recovery program.

This recovery approach is completely unique. The Chi Cycle Lifestyle is a way of living developed by Jost that improved health and happiness every day. Jost wrote the first book popularizing the Chi Cycle lifestyle for the 21st century, and has developed the first rehab program based on this.

 Workplace Drug and Alcohol Awareness programs

Duration: 3 hours

Employee drug and alcohol use adversely affects workplace safety and employee wellbeing, and it accounts for billions of dollars in lost productivity every year. Health promotion is a proven strategy for reducing alcohol and drug related harm in the workplace, as healthy lifestyles are incompatible with heavy drug and alcohol consumption.

Jost is an internationally acknowledged addiction expert, motivational speaker and author of books on drug and alcohol recovery, and healthy lifestyles. Jost is also an ex-addict who was a high-functioning drug user. Jost presents an entertaining, informative and practical perspective on addiction and recovery, including recovery strategies for high functioning addicts whose drug or alcohol use is connected to professional performance outcomes.

Recovery Coach Training

Learn how to become a Jost Sauer Addiction Recovery Coach. You will guide clients through Jost’s online courses and make their recovery as fast an effective as ever. Contact us to find out more.