Residential drug and alcohol rehab

Jost Sauer has designed an extraordinary accelerated residential drug and alcohol rehab program. It is based on five days of intensive holistic treatments:

  • nutritional supplements to reduce symptoms and improve mood
  • martial art techniques to manage anger and develop confidence
  • chi practices to build energy and calmness on demand
  • weight training to overcome fear and doubt and create positivity and motivation
  • therapeutic yoga and nutrition for self-nurture and healing
  • acupuncture and remedial massage to create energy flow and optimism
  • creativity to tap into and process unconscious motives
  • free eHAB membership and at home program

Jost has trained therapists in his unique non-judgmental approach and his groundbreaking residential program is currently available at a private retreat in the rolling green hills of Montville, or via a day program rehab in the midst of urban Melbourne.

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