chi-hab not rehab

Reading the Ice Times (aka Sunday Mail) about Tony Abbott’s new strategy of ‘dob in a dealer’. Really? Are we all in primary school? What a tragic waste of money the whole ice-task force is going to turn out to have been.

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Ice and Peak Experiences

A lot of talk on mandatory detox after Jacqui Lambie’s comments, working in the field I totally understand her desperation, I see the pain drugs create in users and the emotional pain their actions create in others on a daily basis. But the pain results from the fact that ice-users have had what Mazlov called a ‘peak experience’, something so awesome you never forget it. Ice is delivering peak experiences on a level we’ve never seen before after which normal life is excruciatingly painfully boring, so you need ice to amp it up again. Eventually ice creates such massive chi depletion it puts people in an acute survival mode, of react or attack. But a mandatory detox won’t address the underlying issue. I see people who voluntarily detox and voluntarily go to rehab but endlessly relapse. The challenge is not to make detox mandatory but to make to make peak experiences mandatory.

Time for a new approach to Recovery

After gaining extensive knowledge of drugs through my own addiction, work as a drug and alcohol counselor, and then as educator, author and therapist specializing in addiction, it became increasingly obvious to me that the existing drug recovery model badly needed updating.

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A holistic approach to drug recovery


From my first puff on a hash-laced joint, I said ‘yes’ to drugs. I couldn’t get enough of the wild adventures, from tripping in the forest on LSD, to shooting-up speed and performing with my band. I loved drugs, the intensity, the exhilaration the magic.

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The Cause of Addiction (or not)

The cause of addiction (or not)

I just read that Huffington Post article on the latest discovery into the cause of addiction. I’d previously read about that rat experiment they mentioned in which caged rats quickly got addicted to drugs (well, duh, who wouldn’t in a cage with nothing else to do?) but when those rats were relocated to ‘rat park’ which had everything a rat could ever dream of, they lost interest in drugs.

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Drugs and Evolution

I believe that drugs are an evolutionary tool. They create change. The idea is to quit, leave the old behind and embrace the new in every part of life. Complacency is no longer part of the equation.

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Don’t Talk To Your Children about Drugs

As a therapist specialising in holistic drug repair, I find I am now working with two distinct groups: drug-users and the parents of drug-users. Often the latter are much more distraught and desperate than the former. Particularly those parents who never used drugs themselves but, following government advice to ‘talk to their children about drugs’, initiated conversations that, due to the powerful emotions involved, became increasingly more confrontational until their relationship with their children broke down. These parents initially tried to be understanding (like the parents on the anti-drug television campaigns) but driven by the raw anguish of seeing their children destroy themselves and the agony of their own powerlessness to change the situation, ended up blaming, criticising and verbally attacking their children. This is not the way the scenario plays out on TV but unfortunately it is all too common in real life.
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Where’s My Chi?

Time Organ Intent Actions
5:00-7:00am Large intestine / colon Transform Get up, drink water, evacuate bowels, stretch, meditate, exercise
7:00-9:00am Stomach Balance Be sweet to yourself, eat breakfast, arrive, become real
9:00am-11:00am Spleen Develop Act, make decisions, work hard, think, communicate, achieve
11:00am-1:00pm Heart Communion Articulate vision and purpose, access your soul, spread the love
1:00pm-3:00pm Small Intestine Refine Have lunch, go slow, ride the wave

Do your work, then step back. The only path to serenity
– Lao-tzu


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Come Again? Ejaculation, Affairs and Yin & Yang

In Western medicine, sex is not considered an integral part of health, in Traditional Chinese Medicine though, sexual practices are considered to have a huge impact on health by affecting levels of ‘Jing’, a substance which determines your basic constitutional strength and vitality. Jing is supposed be carefully managed but there are lots of things that we do that can contribute to its decline, and consequently an earlier death, and excessive ejaculation in men is one of these.

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