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Avoid cacao in the post drug diet

Cacao is not recommended for ex-drug users Cacao is a popular ‘superfood’. It is one of those substances which have higher levels of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals or other health-boosting, anti-ageing, or disease-fighting properties.

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How to deal with emotional triggers

Emotional triggers is the theme of the week, as it’s a major issue for drug users. Emotional trigger people are the ones that do and say stuff that gets into your head which then drives you crazy. You go over and over what they said or did and argue and fight back with them endlessly, […]

Marijuana Effects: Magic or Madness

Just like millions of other people, my drug-taking journey began with marijuana. I immediately loved it because it allowed me to experience the magic of non-ordinary states of consciousness. Marijuana changed my life and there is no doubt in my mind that it has been responsible for a major shift in Western consciousness. But marijuana effects also […]


Supplements can heal post drug depression

  Depression, addiction and nutritional supplements Depression is a common side-effect of addiction and it contributes to relapse. People quit drugs and then instead of ‘returning to normal’ they find themselves feeling empty and depressed. This happened to me and it brought me close to suicide. If only I’d known then what I do now […]


How diet can help drug recovery

The Drug Recovery Diet Food is an essential component in a successful drug recovery program, but it is usually ignored in mainstream recovery. If diet is considered at all, it is in the context of nutritional value. But in Chinese Medicine food is medicinal and diet is about alchemy rather than isolating nutritional elements. In Chinese medicine […]

LSD back in therapeutic use soon

The extraordinary impact of LSD on the brain has been revealed by the first modern scans of people taken while they were high on the drug. The scans revealed that the trippers drew information from many parts of their brains, rather than just the usual visual cortex, but they also discovered what parts of the […]


Drugs and the Invisible Worlds

Natural therapies offer extremely effective solutions for drug recovery and repair, however, an important aspect of this work that is not often addressed is the influence of the ‘invisible worlds’ on both people who have taken recreational drugs and those who are in contact with them. This is particularly relevant for therapists who use energetic or spiritual techniques which […]


Why Your Past Drug Experience Holds the Secret To Future Recovery

There was an article in the newspaper recently stating that ‘retro’ drugs such as LSD and magic mushrooms were back. This is an interesting development because the psychedelic drugs are traditionally less popular than the stimulant / party drugs but they also have very different effects. The term ‘psychedelic’ is made up of psyche –  meaning ‘mind’ and […]