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Nutritional supplements eliminate withdrawal symptoms

Nutritional supplements eliminate withdrawal symptoms Addiction is really an inability to stop relapsing. People relapse because guilt, anxiety, paranoia, emotional reactivity, depression, confusion, insomnia, fear and shame, on top of physical aches and pain, make life without drugs or alcohol unbearable. If no one had these symptoms, there would be no addiction. You can eliminate all […]

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How to keep your resolution to quit drugs

How to keep your resolution to quit drugs Do you want to quit some habit or addiction but can’t because you’re always feeling demotivated and lethargic? Movement is the answer. Start moving and you will build motivation and willpower. The best time to do this is first thing in the morning, as soon as you […]

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11 ways to prevent a drug relapse

How to prevent a drug relapse Why people relapse There are multiple causes for relapse. Common ones include stress, anxiety, anger, loneliness, boredom, purposelessness, the memories of great drug-highs triggered by people or places, and unrecognized triggers that can instantaneously over-rule the conscious mind and the intent to not do drugs.

How to become an addiction therapist

Everything about taking drugs is initially incredibly positive, otherwise no one would do it, but afterwards everything is negative. All the media on drugs is negative. Its all about the drug problem or drugs and crime, drugs and addiction, drugs and death. Every single patient with a drug history comes in to see me looking glum and grim. […]


Drugs, Death and Rebirth – a Post Drug Story

I had a client recently, a manager of a chain of hairdressing salons, who had been a heavy recreational speed user for a number of years. He had gone eight weeks without drugs and was working hard and using positive thinking techniques to get him through. Things had been manageable but then he hit a terrible day.

Ten Things You Got Right On Drugs

I don’t like the word ‘sobriety’, it sounds dull and lifeless. If that’s all you have to look forward to its no wonder people relapse. I reckon we should use ‘extraordinary’ as the state we want to achieve after quitting drugs or alcohol. I don’t like the use of ‘clean’ – meaning being off drugs […]

Ecstasy Drugs Interpreted Using TCM

Ecstasy (MDMA) is an unusual drug. Its chemical structure bears similarities to both the stimulant methamphetamine and the hallucinogen mescaline. Ecstasy is sometimes categorised as an entactogen — which means ‘touching within’ and, like all the other recreational drugs, it was developed for therapeutic use. It is a drug that provides insight and empathy and it was used covertly […]


Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushroom is the term popularly used to describe the mushrooms that have an hallucinogenic effect when consumed. Sometimes people shorten the term to “shrooms”. According to Western research the principal psychoactive component of these mushrooms is psilocybin and the effects include significant visual, auditory and perceptual alterations.