Jost Sauer Addiction Recovery Videos

Jost has been doing his now-legendary radical talks on recreational drug and alcohol recovery for over ten years at bookshops, schools, universities, and music and health festivals. Below is footage from several of these talks.


Addiction is not a Disease

An excerpt from a talk at the Eumundi Wellness Day 2015 in which Jost presents some radical new ideas on addiction and why it is not a disease.

I am not an Addict

An excerpt from Jost’s talk at Eumundi Wellness Day 2016 which looked at addiction from an interesting new perspective.


Recreational Drugs and Psychosis

An entertaining talk introducing Jost Sauer’s take on amphetamine, methamphetamine (ice, crystal meth) use and psychosis. Jost tells some of his own stories and offers new insight into psychosis and how to heal, using Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Recreational Drugs & Self-Realisation

A hugely entertaining talk introducing Jost’s radical new take on recreational drug use, and how a drug past can be turned to your advantage. Jost tells some of his own stories, introduces some aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine and takes everyone on a journey to the core of drug use, the desire to be more than ordinary. Leave all assumptions at the door!


Supplements and the Chi-Cycle


Jost Sauer Drug Recovery Talk