About Jost Sauer

Jost Sauer B.H.Sc (Acu), Dip. App. Sc (Rem Ther), AACMA Registered Acupuncturist (CMR0001759447)

Jost Sauer is at the front of the new Recovery Coaching movement.  He has a Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture), Diploma in Oriental Massage, Certificates in Structural Balancing and Sports Injury Management. He is an APHRA registered practitioner and has been working as an addiction therapist since 1991. Jost is also a health and lifestyle expert and popular author, with a background in competitive skiing, triathlon and iron man training, plus over 30 years of 4 hours of daily training in weights, endurance, tai chi and meditation.

Jost has been showing people how to quit and create purposeful futures for over 30 years. He has developed highly effective solution-based recovery programs and products for professionals, business people and executives who use drugs to enhance productivity or performance, and for those who use recreational drugs in pursuit of altered states. Jost has established numerous successful rehab clinics based on his recovery model and has worked as a high-powered addiction recovery coach for executives, high-profile athletes and celebrity clients in LA.

Jost lectured in traditional Chinese Medicine for ten years at The Australian College of Chinese Medicine, and continues to guest lecture at universities and colleges nationally and internationally. He is open about his own past of addiction and alcoholism and has worked in the industry for decades, treating tens of thousands of clients. Jost trains practitioners in his unique Recovery System, is an in-demand motivational speaker, runs international Chi Cycle Lifestyle retreats, and is the published author of popular books on health and drug and alcohol recovery including Higher and Higher, Drug Repair That Works and The Perfect Day Plan (published by Allen and Unwin), The Rebel’s Guide to Recovery (Centre of Dao 2014) and Love-Life (Living Now Media 2015).

The Jost Sauer Recovery System – Flow Chart

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Jost Sauer, founder of Urban Drug Rehab

The Jost Sauer Recovery System

Recovery is highly complex because emotionality is interconnected with physical symptoms. The most effective recovery strategy is to focus first on the physical as this will automatically help restore emotional balance. Otherwise it can be an endless cycle of counseling with no resolution.

Recreational drugs create side-effects because they hijack your body’s internal energy (chi) stores to generate enhanced productivity or altered states. Once your energy output exceeds input, the physical and emotional symptoms arise. Simply reverse the energy ratio, symptoms disappear, and you create the basis for extreme wellbeing, success and happiness.

The Jost Sauer Recovery System uses five strategies to increase energy or ‘chi’ input which, in combination, heal addiction and create the basis for enhanced performance or altered states again. It includes orthomolecular therapy (vitamin therapy), a specific diet, cognitive embodiment (the use of specific postures to delete negative emotions and cravings), acupuncture, Chinese herbal formulas and remedial massage, the Chi Cycle therapeutic lifestyle (to imprint new habits and cycles over the old) and strategies to keep you moving purposefully forwards after quitting.

Jost arrived at this by using Chinese medicine to reverse-engineer drug highs and by analyzing the beneficial effects of nutrition, therapeutic exercise, weight-lifting, martial arts, meditation, tai-chi, yoga, and nutritional supplements. Then extracting the most powerful aspect of each to create an accelerated recovery program.